Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Erhebung zur Risikowahrnehmung von Bodenverdichtung deutscher Landwirt_innen Gnutzmann, Nele 17.10.2017, Bachelor Thesis
2 Shaping Realities: Investigating Sensemaking and Sensegiving in Managerial Practice Schlapfner, Jan-Florian 06.10.2017, Dissertation
3 Key competencies in sustainability - Application in sustainable entrepreneurship Hagmaier, Bastian 29.09.2017, Bachelor Thesis
4 Essays on the growth and investment of small German firms Habermann, Harald 29.09.2017, Dissertation
5 Die Epigenetik – eine Lebenswissenschaft im Wandel Egger, Daniela 25.09.2017, Bachelor Thesis
6 The role of consumers in transformations towards sustainable consumption - qualitative and quantitative insights into consumers´ purchasing decisions regarding fast moving consumer goods Moser, Andrea K. 22.09.2017, Dissertation
7 It’s Time for Change: Toward a Dynamic Perspective on Motivational and Cognitive Processes in Entrepreneurship Lex, Maike 18.09.2017, Dissertation
8 Proactivity Against Poverty: Personal Initiative Training and Its Impact on Entrepreneurial Success in Developing Countries Mensmann, Mona 18.09.2017, Dissertation
9 Governance for Corporate Sustainability: National and global governance influencing TNCs’ sustainability management in Germany, the US and India Wedl, Isabella 18.09.2017, Dissertation
10 Car-following in self-, assisted-, and autonomous driving Siebert, Felix Wilhelm 10.08.2017, Dissertation

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